The Stockwell Forum

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We run the Stockwell Forum with support from Lambeth Council and the Lambeth Forum Network. These meetings are an opportunity for everyone who lives and works in Stockwell or has any other connection to Stockwell to find out news and views. The meetings are held in the evenings approximately once every three months.  Speakers are invited on current topics and there is an opportunity for everyone to update on their own community projects and activities. Refreshments are provided free.  The date of the next forum will be confirmed soon.

You can download the minutes of previous Forums, Stockwell Partnership Management Committee Meetings, and Annual General Meetings below.  The AGM minutes are published in the year following the meeting, as they remain in draft until that date.


Stockwell Forum minutes

Draft Stockwell Forum Minutes 13.09.17

Stockwell Forum Minutes 13.06.17

Stockwell Forum Minutes 8.02.17



Stockwell Forum Minutes 15.6.16

Planning Updates June 2016

Planning Updates February 2016

Stockwell Forum Minutes 16.2.16

Stockwell Forum Minutes 16.9.15

Stockwell Forum Minutes 15.4.15

Planning Updates April 2015

Stockwell Minutes 11.12.14

Stockwell Minutes 2.10.14

Planning Updates October 2014

Stockwell Minutes 10.6.14

Planning Updates June 2014

Planning Updates March 2014

Stockwell Minutes 18 3 14

Stockwell Forum minutes 12 11 13

Planning Updates November 2013

Planning Updates August 2013

Stockwell Forum minutes 29.1.13

Stockwell Forum minutes 28.8.12

Stockwell Forum minutes 12.6.12

Stockwell Forum minutes 21 2 12

Stockwell Forum minutes 8 11 11

Stockwell Forum minutes 21.6.11