About us


Who are we?

Stockwell Partnership has been working with residents and agencies to improve the local neighbourhood since 1999. We deliver services and projects which support:

• individuals in need – through bilingual advice, advocacy, employment training and signposting
• community action – supporting people to build their skills, connect with others, and take action on issues they care about
• the local environment – improving the public realm and increasing environmental sustainability

We are a charity managed by a board of local residents.  We have 6 paid members of staff, and several long-term volunteers as well as dozens of volunteers supporting the delivery of local projects. Our trustees commit c.100 days per year and our volunteers c.650 days per year.


Our Core Values


  • local people are best placed to identify their needs and should be supported to contribute actively towards meeting them


  • we believe in sharing ideas and working with others to help us to achieve our mission and to make a stronger community


  • local people need access to good information to help them make better quality choices and take control of their lives
  • services should be responsive to local needs and reflect the diverse community of Stockwell


  • services should be periodically reviewed to reduce their impact on the environment


How are we managed?

“Stockwell Partnership is a high performing organisation that  has exceeded targets across all outcomes of the project…The data collection, performance management and statistical analysis systems at Stockwell Partnership are over and above what is expected of an organisation of this size. Record keeping associated with this project was outstanding”  Portuguese Advice & Capacity Building Project Evaluation, Ian Beever Consultancy & Training

We are managed by a board of trustees who are local residents  bringing key knowledge and expertise to the organisation.  We have board members from local housing estates and community centres, and members who have experience in finance, architecture, property management, advocacy, and social enterprise.

Our trustees are voted in at our Annual General meeting by our members.  We currently have over 200 members who are local residents.  If you would like to register as a member please use the following form:



How are we funded?

Stockwell Partnership is funded from a variety of sources including charitable trusts (e.g. City Bridge Trust, Walcot Foundation), the National Lottery Community Fund, the London Community Foundation, and the Lambeth Forum Network.  We also earn income through commissioned services (e.g. for Lambeth Early Years and Lambeth Together).

At all times we endeavour to build up and maintain a reserve of six months’ running costs,  in line with charitable best practice, enabling us to invest development time into new  initiatives.


Our origins

Stockwell Partnership grew from a group of local activists who felt that the area was not getting its fair share of regeneration investment. Since our inception as a charity in 2001, we have built partnerships with the local authority and community sector to lead on and deliver major regeneration programmes including SRB and an EU programme, Urban II which delivered over £13m of improvements to the borough. In 2003, Stockwell Partnership was named “Best Community Partnership” at the London Planning Awards.

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