How do we make a difference?

“…this project is an example of Localism at its most successful enabling [Stockwell Partnership] to identify and reach out to people who would be traditionally very hard to engage.”
Portuguese Advice & Capacity Building Project Evaluation, Ian Beever Consultancy & Training

Stockwell Partnership is a charity run by local people for local people. We improve the quality of life in the local area by developing projects, building partnerships, and supporting residents to take action on the issues they care about. We work with residents to create a neighbourhood where people feel happy and safe, and where they have a sense of pride and ownership.

REVIEW OF 2018-19


  1. Supporting individuals in need

Our Stockwell Portuguese Community project funded by the BIG Lottery supplied much needed assistance to Portuguese speakers who suffer disproportionate disadvantage. We supported 446 people with advice (plus 155 by supervised volunteers), helping them with housing, welfare and employment issues. 12 people were supported into work, and 32 people were given volunteering opportunities which in turn increased their confidence and employability.

With continuation funding from the Walcot Foundation for our successful multi-lingual NEETS (Young People not in employment or training) and Employability project, we were able to provide additional support to 15 people to increase their budgeting and debt management skills (6 NEETS), as well as a further 10 to gain employment (3 NEETs) and 15 to improve their soft skills (7 NEETs).

As a Lambeth council ‘Early Years ‘Framework’ training provider, we have delivered a range of bilingual training courses (Portuguese, Spanish) in Stockwell and Larkhall children’s centres on subjects ranging from accessing services to volunteering and active citizenship. 22 parents have been trained.

We are increasingly engaged in the health and wellbeing agenda through work on the Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership (LPWP). We are implementing the second stage of our pilot project with Dr Vik Sharma at the Grantham Practice and the Stockwell Primary Care Network of 5 GP practices, supporting local clinical care coordination plans for Portuguese patients with multiple long-term conditions. The aim is for the health and voluntary sectors to work together using our improved reach and local knowledge of facilities, groups, and services to provide better, localised support to patients.


  1. Supporting community action

 As part of our community development programme with LEAP – Lambeth Early Action Partnership (of which we are a board member) we have established an Early Years Parent Forum in Stockwell. We undertook outreach and a range of local events and activities in partnership local community groups including the Eritrean Saho Cultural Association, an Ethiopian Women’s Group, two Tenants & Residents Associations (Studley and Mursell estates), and with local Portuguese people. We now have a group of over 20 parents from a wide range of backgrounds – British, Polish, Somali, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Lebanese, and Portuguese – who are taking part in the Forum, placing parents in a key role to shape and support LEAP and other Early Years services in Stockwell. We have two elected Parent Representatives of the forum who are reporting, and acting as a ‘critical friend’, to the LEAP board.

We have run several community events as part of this programme, including a World Hello Day event in Wheatsheaf Hall attended by 60 families, and a Christmas event at Studley Estate.

In April our Director was elected on to the Leadership Team of the Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership (LPWP) to lead on the Community Engagement, Events and Communications of the Partnership, and work with the rest of the team on developing the LPWP 5-year strategy, pilot projects, and evaluation framework. We have been directly implementing the Local Care Coordination Plan Pilot project (see above) as well as undertaking outreach, selection and interview work as part of the pioneering Household Model project, which considers the impact of household members on each other’s health and wellbeing. We have undertaken a pilot project with Lambeth Together to increase Portuguese parent interaction with their children’s education in two local schools and supported the delivery of a second St Martin’s Day event at Wyvil School.

We secured funding from London Community Foundation for the second phase of our Lambeth Polish Literacy project with our established Poles Connect community steering group. We continued 2 groups in Streatham Library culminating in events tied in with the Lambeth Readers and Writers Festival in partnership with Clapham Library, attended by the Polish Consul and the Mayor of Lambeth. We ran a South London Polish Writers’ event as part of the Lambeth Heritage Festival. The events were attended by over 200 people from all backgrounds, and included Polish writers doing readings and Q&A, Polish live music, dance and film, commercial stalls, and children’s activities. The Poles Connect group has continued the project by producing a second copy of the cultural magazine ‘+48’.

This successful project has continued to attract support and funding from regional and national organisations including the Polish Consulate, the Polish Cultural Institute, the British Council, the Better Than That campaign, Lambeth More in Common, and the Birmingham-based Polish Centrala and Expats Association.

As part of our work with the Lambeth Forum Network we delivered the quarterly Stockwell Forum, attended by over 100 people.  The forums were held in the Stockwell Centre. They included a presentation by Dr Sharma on the LPWP and a talk / Q&A session by the North Lambeth Local Care Network on the proposed development of neighbourhood-based healthcare. We also had our regular updates on planning issues led by a local resident.

We continued our support to the HUG group of older Portuguese to run activities in our offices and across London. 15 members of this ‘Hug’ group continue to volunteer in their local community.

Finally, we continued to work with Lambeth council and the Lambeth Community Hubs Network to develop 157 South Lambeth Road as part of Lambeth’s flagship Community Hubs programme.

  1. Supporting the local environment

We held the regular ‘Local Development’ item on the Stockwell Forum, coordinated by a local resident, to ensure that the community is kept apprised of key developments.


Partnerships and Networking

In addition to our project-based partnerships, we are active members of the following Lambeth forums and organisations:

Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership – a collaborative of local community individuals and groups, NHS and Portuguese Doctors, Pharmacists and Lambeth Council members who are committed to working together and combining our individual skills and resources for the health and wellbeing of our local communities, with an initial focus on the Portuguese community

Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) – we are a board member of the 10-year, BIG Lottery funded LEAP programme, which aims to significantly improve the lives of children in four wards of Lambeth

Lambeth Forum Network – a partnership of Lambeth’s nine community forums with Lambeth council, sharing best practice and resources

Lambeth Community Hubs Partnership – a partnership of local community hubs and Lambeth aiming to achieve a shared vision of local community hubs providing sustainable, trusted services to the community over 25 years +

North Lambeth Local Care Network – partnership of health and community sector organisations aiming to share resources and best practice to improve the health and wellbeing of Lambeth communities

Lambeth VCS partnership – partnership of Lambeth voluntary and community sector with the council to develop and implement a VCS strategy to ensure the sector thrives in an increasingly challenging environment

Lambeth Children and Families VCS partnership – partnership of Lambeth council, CCG and VCS providers to share resources and best practice

We are also a member of Locality, the national community development network

A Selection of Previous Projects:

Building Cohesion in Stockwell

Our three-year Building Cohesion in Stockwell project funded by City Bridge Trust and run in partnership with International Alert developed activities to improve understanding and cohesion between twenty local community groups. The project culminated in the installation of the Dreams of Stockwell mosaic on the International Alert offices on Clapham Road. The film of the making of the mosaic was shown at the November Stockwell Forum ( The mosaic was made by 17 local residents from a range of different backgrounds, and was themed around their visions for Stockwell.

Cook and Meet project: Knee High Design Council Challenge

Our partnership project with Brixton People’s Kitchen engaged mums and their children in Cook and Meet healthy eating sessions that reduced isolation and helped to reuse food which would have otherwise gone to waste. Our project was shortlisted by the Design Council’s Knee High programme (, to identify radical new ways to reduce parent isolation.

Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

We actively engaged over 900 people in the first phase of Lambeth’s Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (2012) – and we consulted an additional 536 people from black and ethnic minority communities in the NEP roll out (Apr-Jun 2013)

Stockwell Urban II

Stockwell Partnership was the lead voluntary sector organisation working alongside Lambeth council on delivery of the Stockwell Urban II Community Initiative – a £12 million regeneration scheme that focussed on Larkhall and Stockwell wards, plus the estates covered by North and West Stockwell housing neighbourhoods. £6 million came from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the remaining £6 million was secured through match funding. Stockwell was the only area in London to be awarded Urban II ERDF funds.